Community Groups

Local LGBT+ Organisations

Allsorts Youth ProjectAllsorts Youth Project

Allsorts is a project based in Brighton to support and empower children and young people under 26 who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or unsure (LGBTU) of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Their mission statement reads: “Allsorts Youth Project supports and empowers lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans young people to take a lead in raising awareness of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia and challenge prejudice and discrimination in all areas of young people‚Äôs lives”.

LGBT Community Safety ForumLGBT Community Safety Forum

An independent LGBT forum working with the Community to address and improve safety issues throughout Brighton and Hove. They¬†support cultural, educational and social safety community activities and any type of LGBT community-building initiative.¬†The LGBT Community Safety Forum was formed to give the community a much needed voice on a wide range of safety issues in Brighton and Hove.¬†We exist to act as a bridge between the community and statutory services such as the City Council and Sussex Police and to enable there to be more accountability and transparency of the services provided.¬†It’s very much a forum where members of the public can have their say and can ask direct questions to those in charge of community safety in the city.¬†The forum is there to question, to get answers, to probe further and to insist on improvements on service delivery.


Brighton and Hove LGBT Switchboard is a community organisation and registered charity providing support services run for and by LGBT people in the heart of the LGBT community since 1975. Their mission is to listen, support and inform.

Whether you have a straightforward question about the scene, services for LGBT people or a sexual health enquiry they aim to answer your questions directly, giving you accurate information or putting you in touch with an organisation that has more specific expertise. They also provide counselling services through their counselling project and is the home of the LGBT Health and Inclusion Project.

Brighton Women's CentreBrighton Women’s Centre

BWC has been supporting women in Brighton and Hove for over 35 years. Their aims are to empower women and promote independence in a safe, women-only space.¬†The services we offer include counselling, group work, open access drop ins, holistic therapies, volunteer training and self development courses.¬†BWC is the central point of location for the Inspire Project (a partnership with Brighton Oasis Project, Rise, Survivor’s Network and Threshold BHT). Inspire works with women at all stages of involvement in the Criminal Justice System. They¬†provide an Ofsted registered pre-school alongside their services in recognition of the importance of childcare. They¬†are committed to supporting and empowering vulnerable and disadvantaged women in the community and¬†welcome all women, regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, age or religion.

On April 1st, 2020, The Change Grow Live (CGL) Brighton & Hove Recovery Service took over management and delivery of the adult drug and alcohol services for the city. CCL work with a variety of partner including Oasis, who provide a woman only service, Cascade Creative Recovery, and Lloyds Pharmacies.   These partners have proven expertise, creative minds and a shared desire to re-shape drug and alcohol treatment and recovery services for the people of Brighton & Hove.

CGL provides tailored support to adults in Brighton and Hove who identify as LGBTQ+. Gary Smith is the CGL LGBTQ+ specialist worker and works in partnership with many LGBTQ+ services in Brighton.

We offer 1 to 1 support from Recovery Coordinators and a variety of online and face to face groups to motivate and support you to address your substance misuse. We offer LGBTQ+ specific groups via our peer led Speakout group and have established links with a wide range of LGBTQ+ services and support networks in Brighton and Hove.

We provide a community alcohol detox programme, a prescribing service, needle exchange and have specialist mental health nurses. We can support you whether you want to reduce, stop, or simply use more safely.

We also provide a Family and Carers Service (FACT) for concerns others who may benefit from support around the substance use of a partner, friend or loved one.

We are currently offering over the phone and face to face assessments at Richmond House.

To refer to the service either email or phone 01273 731 900

The Village Metropolitan Community Church

As LGBTQ+ people, friends, and allies, we understand that a safe space is more than just a welcoming space. We believe that we are called primarily to empower and serve the LGBTQ+ community, and have a vision of a world where LGBTQ+ people live free from discrimination.


MindOut LGBTQ Mental Health Service

MindOut is a mental health service run by and for lesbians, gay men, bisexual,transgender and queer people. Based in Brighton and Hove, we provide advice, information, advocacy, a peer support group programme, peer mentoring, wellbeing workshops and events and training.  We have an online support service open out of hours, evenings and weekends.  

Rainbow FamiliesRainbow Families

Rainbow Families is an informal social group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) parents and their children in Brighton & Hove, Sussex and surrounding areas. Membership is open to all LGBT parents and prospective parents and their children. They are a non-profit organisation and membership is free. They aim to create a friendly, inclusive space for parents and their children. Some of their families are led by single parents or carers, some have two mums, or two dads, or both, but whoever is included in the family everyone is welcome and they look forward to meeting your family.

Sussex University LGBTQUniversity of Sussex LGBTQ 

The official website of the University of Sussex’s LGBTQ Society. They¬†run regular events, campaign and lobby on issues they feel are relevant to the LGBTQ community, and provide welfare support. They offer a safe space environment to all LGBTQ students and staff at the University of Sussex and hold meetings on a Tuesday during term time, mainly on campus, starting at 6pm.

Local HIV organisations

Lunch PositiveLunch Positive

The Lunch Positive lunch club is a community space for everyone with HIV. They have a coffee and lounge area, and a dining area for lunch which is provided every Friday at noon at the Dorset Gardens Methodist Church in Brighton. The space belongs to everyone who visits, so please make it your own. You’re welcome to sit where you want, move around and chat, whatever is good for you. They hope you’ll use this to meet new people, make new friends and be able to share peer support. The lunch club is provided entirely by volunteers.

Peer Action

Peer Action is Brighton’s only solely volunteer led HIV support Group, we provide over 300 events each year to promote well-being, raise awareness and assist in the reduction of social isolation and exclusion of those affected by HIV, their partners and Family in Brighton, Sussex and the surrounding areas. We run two alternative therapy sessions a month as well as regular social events, health events, courses and outings

Event Prices: all our events are subsidised, whether this is a percentage off costs, special deals or even free refreshments, where possible we ask members offer the event price as we find people engage more in events they contribute towards.  However, we appreciate many are in financial distress and a lack of income should not be a barrier to attending any of our events and so additional subsidy (up to the entire cost) may be available on request  just message us or speak to the event organiser if this is an issue for you..

Sussex BeaconSussex Beacon

The Sussex Beacon offers specialist care and support for men, women and families affected by HIV. They operate 365 days a year to help people manage the everyday realities of living with this life-long condition. Their 10 bed Inpatient Unit helps people living with serious HIV related illnesses, initiating new drug therapies or struggling with some of the extreme side effects of anti-retroviral drug regimes. They provide emotional, mental and health support along with physiotherapy and occupational therapy. They also offer end of life care. Our Outpatient Unit for health management offers psychological support such as anxiety and sleep management and treatment. They run services for women and families and a regular day service for socially isolated people with complex medical conditions associated with HIV.

Terrence Higgins TrustTerrence Higgins Trust

THT are the largest voluntary sector provider of HIV and sexual health services in the UK, running services out of local centres across Great Britain. The range and availability of services provided at any one centre depends on the needs of the community they serve and the requirements of their funders (usually local authorities and NHS organisations, sometimes voluntary funders). Our local services fall into three areas: long term condition management; health improvement and clinical services.

Local Trans Organisations

The Clare Project

The Clare Project is a charity based in Brighton and Hove whose purpose is to provide mental health and wellbeing support for those needing to explore issues around gender identity. Their main activity is a weekly DROP-IN which aims to provide a safe and confidential place for people to meet with others who share their life experiences, and find information, support and companionship. A facilitator and a psychotherapist are at the drop-in every Tuesday. Whilst the group is mainly attended by transgender, transsexual and gender dysphoric people, they aim to be all-inclusive as they recognise the complexities surrounding the issue of gender identity. Carers and friends are welcome. 


FTM Brighton is a group for transgender men, gender queer people and those questioning their gender identity. They provide a social space, support, sexual health advice and co- ordinate local campaigns relevant to FTM trans people. Inclusion is important to them. Their aim is to be a diverse group including all trans masculine people, whether you are intending to transition or not, and regardless of surgery or hormone use. They hold regular meetings on the third Friday of every month.

Trans Alliance BrightonThe Trans Alliance

The Trans Alliance is a Forum for trans community leaders and activists who are living, working, studying or socialising in Brighton & Hove.

The Alliance aims to promote equality for trans people in Brighton & Hove by means of engagement with statutory and third sector organisations.

To develop and strengthen their community by working together, sharing information, supporting initiatives and providing mutual peer support.

To work in partnership with the local LGBT community, ensuring a strong trans voice and participation.

Membership is open to trans-identified representatives of local trans organisations, organisations that provide one or more trans specific services or have a large and ongoing trans client-base.

National LGBT Organisations

Albert Kennedy Trustakt (The Albert Kennedy Trust

The Albert Kennedy Trust supports young lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) homeless 16-25 year olds living in crisis or a hostile environment. Every day they deal with the effects homelessness can have on young people’s lives. They have offices in London, Manchester and Newcastle.

Gay Outdoor Club

The Gay Outdoor Club is the national LGBT+ network for outdoor and indoor sports and recreational activities. With over 1,500 members they run more than 500 events each year including walking, cycling, mountain biking, canoeing, caving, rock climbing, mountaineering, skiing, swimming and badminton.

Most of their events are one day and they also organise weekend and longer events such as hostelling, an arctic adventure and a white water rafting expedition. There are specialist groups for cycling, swimming, caving, rock climbing and skiing. There are local walks with the Sussex group every month on the second Sunday, and other local groups run monthly events across the country.

Outdoor Lads

OutDoor Lads

The UK’s most social group for gay and bisexual men who love the great outdoors. They¬†organise hiking, camping, climbing, hostelling, biking, canoeing, sailing and skiing events – as well as one-off international trips and more hard-core ‘challenge’ events.¬†It doesn’t matter whether you are a total beginner or a well-hardened outdoor enthusiast – they have something for everyone, every week, all over the UK. And what-ever the event, you will find a group of friendly, welcoming guys with a shared love of the outdoors.

National Trans Organisations

Gender TrustThe Gender Trust

The Gender Trust helps Trans People and all those affected by gender identity issues. They provide a listening ear, a caring support and an information centre for anyone with any question or problem concerning their gender identity, or whose loved one is struggling with gender identity issues. They help people who might be Transgender, Transsexual, Gender Queer, people who do not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth or those who are simply unsure. They also provide support and information for significant others, friends, families and allies (SOFFAs). In addition to their services for individuals they also provide a range of services for corporate clients ranging from help when an employee is transitioning through to awareness training and advice on relevant or equality and employment law. The Gender Trust is an authoritative centre for professional people who encounter gender reassignment and related issues in the course of their work. In particular this group includes employers, human resource officers, health workers and information services.

LGBT Choirs in Brighton & Hove

Actually Gay Men’s Chorus

“Actually Gay Men’s Chorus was set up in October 2005 with the specific aim of providing a space where gay men, and their allies, can socialise, have fun, and develop new skills in a unique environment. Over the past 17 years, Actually has raised thousands of pounds for local charities. Anyone interested in joining should reach out to¬†¬†or search¬†@actuallygmc on social media.”

Brighton Gay Men's ChorusBrighton Gay Men’s Chorus

Brighton Gay Men‚Äôs Chorus is a space where people can celebrate music, celebrate their sexuality, enjoy the fellowship of other like-minded people and contribute to the local communities which they are part of.¬†The Chorus is a registered charity with three guiding principles, the ‚Äúthree S‚Äôs‚ÄĚ: Singing, the celebration of life and music through male voice harmonies; Socialising, using this activity to develop social bonds that help people to feel connected with a sometimes lonely world; and Support, to be there for each other ‚Äď both collectively and individually ‚Äď when the chips are down, and to be there for the communities in which the chorus operates, too.¬†Membership is open to anyone who self-identifies as a gay or gay-friendly man, and the choir currently has around 80 members.

Glow Choir Brighton

GLOW is a Natural Voice community choir for LGBT+ people and Allies. GLOW sings a wide range of songs from across the globe, in many moods and genres, taught by ear. All voices are welcome, without exception. There is no ‚Äėidentity policing‚Äô and no discrimination will be tolerated. The atmosphere is one of respect, relaxation, learning and fun. GLOW do their best to accommodate specific needs disabled choir members may have. People of all levels of musical experience and ability are very welcome to join. Once a term GLOW has a Sharing, from which 50% of the profits are donated to LGBTQ+ charities. GLOW has raised significant amounts for B&H LGBT Switchboard, MindOut, Educate & Celebrate and The Albert Kennedy Trust. Whilst many participants enjoy performing, there is no obligation to perform if you just want to enjoy the sessions. The main focus of GLOW is the participants‚Äô enjoyment, community support, and the experience of a jolly good group sing in an encouraging environment. GLOW’s leader, Hannah-Rose Tristram, has been teaching singing for well over a decade, and has travelled the world in pursuit of great music for a cappella voices. ‚ÄúGlow is incredible ‚Äď I could not have dreamed of a more welcoming, warm and light hearted, fun singing group. I never thought I would be in a choir. Glow changed that. Glow represents what is best about communities.‚ÄĚ (Quote by Sophie C.)

Rainbow Chorus

The Rainbow Chorus is the largest Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender choir in the Southeast outside of London. The choir aims to provide an enjoyable and supportive environment for LGBT+ members to sing together, making new friends and develop their community spirit, individual talents and confidence.¬†Through performance, the Rainbow Chorus also raises the profile of the LGBT+ communities in Brighton & Hove as well as providing top quality entertainment. New Members Nights are in January & September ‚Äď the only expectation is that you can sing in tune! No audition and you don‚Äôt have to read music!

The RC+ Workshop Choir is also run by Rainbow Chorus ‚Äď Learn to sing great songs in a safe space. You choose whether to sing the tune, a higher or lower harmony ‚Äď no need to worry about reading music or singing in tune and no regular attendance commitment. No waiting for a new members evening ‚Äď just come along to the next session. RC+ will build your confidence and help you to become stronger individual singers.

Resound Male VoicesResound Male Voices

Resound Male Voices is a small vocal ensemble based in Brighton & Hove. They perform a diverse repertoire whilst growing vocally as individuals and as a group.



Social Networking Groups

Bear patrolBear Patrol

LGBT Community Social/Leisure Networking Group. Founded in May 2008 by Danny Dwyer the group was set up to enable¬†‘People’ to come¬†together and¬†become part of a Social Community Network, thus enabling them to meet friends and new people¬†in a ‘Happy’ environment free from attitude & social stigma. The group continues to strive forwards organising Social & Challenge Events, gatherings, day trips, weekend breaks & fundraising opportunities for everyone to enjoy and they¬†welcome all members who are keen and enthusiastic about becoming part of a Community Social Network.

Bi BrightonBI BRIGHTON for young Bi/Pan/Omni/Poly/Queer people under 26

Bi Brighton is a lively monthly social group for young bisexual men, women and trans people aged 16-25. They meet at a central Brighton location the second Wednesday of every month from 5-7pm. The group offers opportunities to make friends with other bi young people and support and information about being bisexual.


BLAGSS is a sports and social group that now has around 500 lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender members from across Brighton and Hove, Sussex and beyond. Voted best gay sports group in the UK by Pink Paper in 2008 and Best Community Group in the Golden Handbags 2011, our members are all different shapes, sizes, ages and abilities, and participate in sports as varied as badminton, rock-climbing and cycling (and many, many more).¬†And it’s not just about sport; with around 700 different sporting and social meetings each year, BLAGSS is a great way to meet people, keep fit, and have fun.¬†You can also try out BLAGSS for free! Go along to your sport of choice with a FREE 1-day membership (court fees may apply). Just go to the relevant sport page on this site and message the organiser.


Out To Swim South (OTSS) is an LGBTQ+ Masters Swimming Club based in Brighton & Hove and is the southern relative of London’s Out To Swim.  They are a group of sociable LGBTQ+ swimmers who swim for fun, fitness or competition and provide a friendly environment for those who prefer the social aspect. The southern group was established in 2006 and we swim three times a week.

Brighton BothwaysBrighton Bothways

Brighton Bothways is a bisexual group based in Brighton. They are a friendly, open-minded group and welcome all bisexual, bi-curious and bi-friendly people, their partners, friends, family and allies. They are a diverse and inclusive group and hope that people going along will respect this safe and supportive space. They arrange regular socials and meets with a few extra events throughout the year.

Brighton Volley Bears

The Brighton VolleyBears are a ‚ÄėBear‚Äô team¬†embracing the diversity of the LGBT communities.¬†They are inclusive, so you don‚Äôt have to appear¬†to be a ‚Äėbear‚Äô to be a ‚ÄėVolleyBear‚Äô. If you fancy¬†embracing your inner bear – Grrr! feel free to¬†join. They are a new group, having fun while¬†learning to play this grrreat game so don‚Äôt¬†feel put off if you‚Äôve never played before. They¬†will play most weekends, both indoors at the¬†Stanley Deason Leisure Centre, Wilson¬†Avenue, Brighton and outdoors at the¬†Yellowave Beach Sports Venue, 299 Madeira¬†Drive, Brighton.

Cheek to CheekCheek to Cheek (now part of BLAGSS

Cheek2Cheek was set up in Brighton in 1998 as a social dance club for the gay and lesbian community. It aims to provide an alternative to the commercial gay scene and a relaxed and friendly environment in which people can meet and dance together. They cover many Ballroom and Latin dances. From Quickstep, Waltz, Social Foxtrot, Jive and Tango through to Bossa Nova, Rumba, Cha Cha Cha, Samba and meet on Tuesdays from 7.30pm

Ishigaki Ju-JitsuIshigaki Ju Jitsu

Ishigaki was started in January 1994. A group of guys who had been training in a regular club decided that they wanted to train in an environment where sexuality would be no issue. After a bit of political negotiation, Ishigaki was established. Since then Ishigaki has flourished and they have had around 20 people grade to black belt and beyond. They have several black belt instructors headed by Simon Powell (fifth dan, club sensei and membership secretary), Sandy Mackay (fourth dan and club treasurer) they form the committee that organizes the club and its events.


LGBrighTon is¬†the LGBT+¬†society at the¬†University of Brighton, supporting,¬†representing and providing a safe space for¬†students and staff of any sexual orientation¬†and/or gender identity to socialise and meet¬†with others. They exist to ensure an LGBT+¬†person‚Äôs move to university is a fun, and safe¬†one. The society organises events such as the¬†(infamous) Freshers Scene Tour, a club night,¬†film screenings, debates, LGBTea Parties and¬†other activities. They also campaign on local,¬†national and international issues, from adding¬†the ‚ÄėT‚Äô to a university LGB support group, to¬†Pride is a Protest, Donation Not¬†Discrimination (blood ban) and Love without¬†Borders. This work covers all campuses of the¬†university including Brighton, Eastbourne and¬†Hastings. They are run by current students,¬†and welcome anyone who wishes to be¬†involved.

Outdoor PositiveOutdoor Positive

Outdoor Positive is a new walking group  for HIV positive people. The main ethos of the group is to bring HIV people together, and enjoy the Sussex countryside. As well as providing an organised walk, Outdoor Positive’s aim is to build a social group for positive people to meet up away from the usual pub club scene.

Queer Community LGBT Yoga Classes

Queer Community Yoga Class, every Tuesday 8:15pm ‚Äď 9:45 pm at the Garden Studio, 7a Ship Street. A gentle drop in class, suitable for beginners. Come as you are, pay what you want!¬†There are no changing rooms at the studio, but a gender neutral toilet where you can change if you like. Wear loose, comfortable clothes, you wont need any shoes and there are mats at the studio. Please come a little earlier to make sure we can start in time. If you are worried that you might not be able to follow the class due to physical restrictions, then I am very happy to meet you before the class starts to discuss adjustments and alternatives that work for you.

Quuer Writing SouthQueer Writing South

Queer Writing South was founded by poets Maria Jastrzńôbska and John McCullough to promote creative and literary activity in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender communities of Brighton and Hove and the surrounding area. They run workshops and organise readings to introduce new and established writers.