The Village MCC

As LGBTQ people, friends, and allies, we understand that a safe space is more than just a welcoming space. We have a vision of a church that’s rooted in the LGBTQ communities and serves those same communities; a church that truly reflects the diversity of all of our lives and is a celebration of¬†all¬†that we are in relationship with God.
There are often other events besides worship that are arranged by The Village members. We hold social events, run community outreach ministries, offer occasional book clubs, bible studies, and more.
Vision Statement: We call for a world where LGBTQ people live free from discrimination.
Mission statement: Called primarily to empower and serve the LGBTQ community.
Core Values: We are a Christian church called to do justice and walk humbly with God. (Micah 6:8). We seek at all times to be honest, transparent, and true to our mission in the world.