Polish gay couple’s coming out video goes viral

Graham Robson August 19, 2016

Do you remember pop icon swedish duo Roxette? They were huge in the 80’s/90s with hits like The look, Joyride, Listen to your heart, It must have been love, and¬†Fading like a flower topping charts all over the world.

Jakub and David
Jakub and David

A young gay couple from Poland, Jacob and David recorded a video during their holidays to accompany the new Roxette song Some other summer. They put it on YouTube and the rest as they say, is history.

Jacob and David live together in Warsaw and have been a couple for 7 years.

While¬†on holiday at Hel Peninsula on the Baltic Sea they decided for fun to make a coming out video which they recorded and posted on YouTube of Roxette’s new single.

Roxette vocalist, Per Gessle saw it and liked it so much that he published the video on Roxette Official website resulting in the video going viral.

Jacob and David, said: “We had doubts before we posted it on YouTube. We are just ordinary guys and don’t dream about fame. We showed it to our friends, they loved it so much they persuaded us to uploaded it.

Polish society is very conservative and we were a bit nervous of any negative response when we uploaded it. We wanted to show people that all gay people are absolutely normal and our love has no difference to their love.”