DJ PROFILE: Josh The Barber

Queen Josephine May 20, 2017

It’s the time those darned arts festivals are in town again, forcing you to have the occasional night away from the dance floor in order to experience your annual dose of culture.

It’s May, and it’s time for the Brighton Festival and Fringe, so in between visiting an Open House, taking in a Fringe Show or going to a concert, there’s some real arse-shaking to be done.

This month Queenie catches up with the lovely Josh The Barber to find what he’s up to…….

Hi there Josh – it’s been a while! Where can we hear your marvellous melodies these days? “Well I’m not DJing out much at the moment – I’m having a bit of time away from that side of things. So currently I am concentrating on music production and more DJ mixes for Mixcloud. Check out joshthebarber on Mixcloud.”

All time fave tune? “Oh I’ve got lots of favourites, though ‘Make My Love’ by Shawn Christopher always gives me goose-bumps.”

What music floats your boat just now? “I love nu-disco and deep house at the moment.”

What’s so good about DJing in Brighton? “Despite my current DJing break, I still love playing in Brighton as people are up for a great night out! Though it has to be said, the scene has changed a lot over the last few years…”

Recent stand out gig or mix for you? “I really enjoyed playing the Brighton Bear Weekender at the Latest Bar last June. It was a very busy and fun night and I will be playing once again this year at Woofer at the Latest Music Bar.on June 17!”

Tune you wish you’d never played? “I’m afraid to say I played a tune called ‘Some Girls’ by Racey at my friend’s wedding. I hung my head in shame… and so did everybody else, lol!”

Ultimate dream gig? “I absolutely love DJing in the men’s tent at Brighton Pride. I feel very honoured to be asked to do it. So I think my ultimate gig would be to play a later set, when the party really gets going.” 

Josh The Barber’s current top five tunes:
♦  On The Dancefloor (original mix) Peverell Bros
♦  In my Mind (original mix) Abel Rabos
Before you Wake (original mix) Sugar Hill
My Babe (Me & My Toothbrush mix) Alex Kenji
Woodstock (original mix) Frederick Scavo

Josh will be DJing along with DJ Rob C at Woofer in the Latest Music Bar, Manchester Street, Brighton on Saturday June 17 during Brighton Bear Weekend and also at Woofer in the Men’s Tent at Brighton Pride on August 5.