Zebra One Gallery launches Hockney exhibition

July 2, 2020

Zebra One Gallery, London is to host a Hockney exhibition from Thursday, July 9 till Thursday, July 23, featuring a series of etchings of gay lovers, including the love of his life, Gregory Evans.

The six artworks are part of a series of lithographs David Hockney made for the book Illustrations for Fourteen Poems from C P Cavafy, featuring his American and British friends and celebrating gay male love.

Hockney recently revealed that despite a string of lovers, the love of his life was ‘maybe’ Gregory Evans, his 62-year-old manager, who features in the etchings. Hockney and Evans had been lovers for about a decade during the 1970s, and have now worked together for more than 40 years. Evans remains a close friend of Hockney’s and he established and continues to manage the David Hockney Studio, which oversees the artist‘s work and archives.

Most of the etchings on display and for sale at the gallery are signed by Hockney. They include editions of 10 other lithographs made by the artist, such as his signed portrait of Sixties designer, Celia Birtwell, his signed Picasso-inspired piece, The Old Guitarist and signed portrait, Henry Reading the Newspaper.

Zebra One Gallery closed for the first time in 42 years during the coronavirus pandemic, but has finally reopened its doors with strict social distancing measures in place.

For more info, visit the Zebra One Gallery website