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Yucatán, Mexico, legalises same-sex marriage

Rachel Badham August 31, 2021

The Mexican state of Yucatán has legalised same-sex marriage and banned LGBTQ+ conversion therapy, making it the 22nd state in the country to recognise same-sex marriage. According to Reuters, the Mexican Supreme Court ruled that the national same-sex marriage ban was unconstitutional in 2015, but many states have yet to take action on legalising these unions. 

During a four-hour congress session last week, the Yucatán congress voted 20-5 to modify Article 94 of the state’s constitution, thus redefining marriage as any “free and voluntary legal union” between people of any gender. Local LGBTQ+ advocacy groups Indignación and Colectivo PTF Yucatán appalled the decision, saying it will help to “repair damage” and improve LGBTQ+ rights. 

In addition to legalising marriage equality, congress also passed a law that means anyone found guilty of practicing conversion therapy could face up to three years in prison. Indignación and Colectivo PTF Yucatán pointed out that there is much more to be done, saying: “There is much to legislate, public policies to implement, justice to access, and our work will continue there…But today we celebrate this victory, which has been worked for over a decade by our community by countless LGBTQ+ people and allies.”