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Yubico launches cyber protection initiative to equip social justice activists

Graham Robson August 29, 2020

Yubico, the company behind the original cyber security key, has launched a new Free Speech Programme to equip activist groups focused on ending LGBTQ+ violence, sexism, racism, domestic abuse, and other social justice issues around the world with free hardware-backed cybersecurity protection to allow them to safely continue protecting vulnerable populations and those most at risk of targeted cyber attacks.

Stina Ehrensvärd, CEO of Yubico, launched this initiative as part of her mission to make the internet safer for everyone. Yubico believes that free speech and free press play a critical role in exposing injustice and inequality, and is aware that free speech is under attack in many ways and for many groups of people.

Yubico has already partnered with nonprofit organisations like Freedom of the Press, ISC Project, Defending Digital Campaigns, and the Human Rights Foundation to protect their work in digital privacy, online security, and free speech.

Harlo Holmes, Director of Newsroom Digital Security at Freedom of the Press, said:¬†‘This new programme will make hardware tokens available to so many who have wanted to bolster their security, but couldn‚Äôt quite justify the expense.’

The Free Speech Programme will also help human rights organisations, non-profit organisations that protect journalists, freelancers, and writers from doxing and other targeted attacks in an effort to uphold transparent, fair, and ethical reporting; and bi-partisan networks that fight to preserve democratic integrity by securing political campaigns, political candidates, and election processes.

For more information on how the programme works CLICK HERE.