Will Young to talk about Mental Health at National Student Pride

Gary Hart February 4, 2016

Recently, singer Will Young made waves by speaking freely and openly about mental health, anxiety and low self-esteem to Channel 4 News.

Will Young
Will Young

His words will have resonated with many young LGBT people.

He will be speaking during the Mental Health discussion at 3pm on February 6, at the University Of Westminster, in London during National Student Pride which takes place from February 5 -7.

One in four of us will face mental health issues during our lives, but the statistics are worryingly more acute for students.

A recent study by the National Union of Students produced for parliament showed in the last year, 4 in 5 students faced mental health issues. These are on top of the added pressures, any student faces – for being LGBT.

Another report by the NUS’s LGBT arm in 2014 showed that 1 in 5 students had faced homophobia while 1 in 3 had faced transphobia.

Will will be joined on the Mental Health panel by:

Matthew Todd – Attitude Magazine Editor (Chair)
Jonny Benjamin – Mental Health Activist, Think Well founder and documentary producer
Taz-Edwards White – LGBT Adult Mental Health & Wellbeing Coordinator At Metro
Bisi Alimi – Nigerian LGBT Activist
Munroe Bergdorf – Trans Activist and DJ

Thierry Houle-Graham
Thierry Houle-Graham

National Student Pride co-chair Thierry Houle-Graham, said: “I am so excited about Will Young coming to National Student Pride. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about mental health. Just like the message of the whole weekend which is all about sharing stories and growing as a community I know Will will inspire hope and that people with mental health struggle no longer need to be afraid of the stigma around them”

National Student Pride have opened up their event to talk about the issues of mental health – because all accounts they have heard show how talking, makes all the difference.

Hatti Smart
Hatti Smart

Hatti Smart, Natonal Student Pride co-chair, added: “This year, National Student Pride will be placing a real emphasis on mental health, that affect LGBT youth disproportionately to their peers. It’s time we stood together as a community on this and just as we broke down the prejudice on being gay, bi and trans – start the conversation on taking the taboo out of mental health”

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