Why should you pick a humanist wedding?

May 16, 2022

With love in the air, and the first proper wedding season for two years getting into full swing, we ask James Thomas, Brighton-based LGBTQ+ wedding celebrant, the question: Why should we pick a humanist wedding?

Well, I guess the question you should ask yourself first is: why do you want to get married? Or why do you want to renew your vows? This is usually the first question I ask any couple that I meet who are looking for an alternative wedding ceremony that is inclusive to all communities.

We experience ceremonies in our lifetime more often than we may realise. Special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations. The simple ritual of passing the gravy jug, sharing a Sunday roast around a table with your mates or your family and then onto the drag bar crawl around the usual classic Brighton spots: as people we seek opportunities to celebrate and to create memories.

Many of my friends may say, ‘let’s find an excuse for a toast!’, which is the exact reason that drew me to this profession. Surrounded by love in pure, honest celebration.

Humanist ceremonies’ core competency is storytelling. Sharing your unique story which marks the milestone that is your wedding day! It is your opportunity to have your special day exactly how you want it… and what an exciting idea that is!

James is an LGBTQ+ Brighton-based wedding celebrant, accredited by Humanists UK. He offers personalised wedding ceremonies that are unique to each couple. For more info, email

Lead photo by Olga Rozewin