Why ‘Pride Matters’ to Rev Michael Hydes

Besi Besemar March 30, 2014

Rev Michael Hydes from the Metropolitan Community Church, Brighton explains why Pride Matters to him.

Rev Michael Hydes, Metropolitan Community Church Brighton
Rev Michael Hydes, Metropolitan Community Church Brighton

“Pride is the ability to hold your head up high. It’s a movement of the heart, a healthy ego expressing itself, an acknowledgement of worth that springs from within. It should be developed by the family, a part of growing up in a community that supports and nourishes you. Yet often it is starved and beaten down. Feeling the need to conform to some other image the true self hides behind a fa√ßade, feeling unworthy and rejected. There is no opportunity for pride, just an inwardly focused prejudice that gnaws away at your identity each and every day.

“PRIDE is the awakening of self. It is a family of choice acknowledging its own. It is a wider community accepting and supporting.. The ego is nourished and lifted up. There is no need to conform, just an invitation to celebrate. From hues of grey to a rainbow of colour, the ego expands and comes to understand the eternal truth; that it is perfect just the way it is. In confidence it stretches out, flexes its wings, and flies.”


Kind Regards

Rev. Michael Hydes