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What Trans*Pride means to me

Besi Besemar July 25, 2014

Sarah Savage explains the importance of Trans*Pride to her.

Sarah Savage
Sarah Savage: Photo by Sharon Kilgannon

“I‚Äôm pretty new to the concept of Pride: I come from an island¬†where LGBT people still have few rights and there has never been a¬†Pride Parade and these days there isn‚Äôt even a gay club. I had been¬†attracted to men, women and everyone in between since my early¬†teens but hid it from most of the people in my life; only a handful¬†of my closest friends knew that I was gender variant.

“Looking back,¬†it wasn‚Äôt a healthy way to live my life and if there had been positive¬†LGBT role models I may have been able to deal with my gender¬†issues a lot sooner and saved myself a lot of heartache.

“Being part of the team helping to make Europe‚Äôs first Trans* Pride¬†happen is the one achievement I am most proud of, giving gender¬†variant people an opportunity to feel supported, empowered and¬†proud of who they are is the most rewarding experience I have had.

“The atmosphere at last year‚Äôs inaugural Trans* Pride was mind¬†blowing; real community spirit coupled with some great acts and¬†stalls combined with the excitement of being a part of making¬†history made it the highlight of my summer.

“Reading the feedback¬†from people who attended gave me a lovely warm feeling inside and¬†despite the rain everybody seemed to have a good time, feeling¬†invigorated from the supportive atmosphere.

“Trans* Pride Brighton exists because the gender variant community¬†contains some of the most vulnerable people of any minority. We aim¬†to give everybody a voice, support and the knowledge that they are¬†not alone.

“We aim to include everybody who is gender variant in any¬†way and to welcome friends, families and allies.

“I‚Äôm so excited for this year‚Äôs Trans* Pride Brighton; it will be bigger,¬†bolder and better than last year, all of our fingers and toes are¬†crossed for good weather and we have all been working away to make sure it is a success.”