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‘Walk of Survivors’ – raising awareness for victims of abuse

Besi Besemar September 15, 2018

The inaugural Walk of Survivors march, organised by The Survivors Movement takes place today, starting from the Level at 12.30pm, proceeding at 1pm to Dorset Gardens for an event for everyone from 2pm.

AT Dorset Gardens there will be an event all the family can enjoy consisting of live music, entertainment for the children, a bar for adults, food and various stalls to promote the health and wellbeing of survivors.

The Survivors Movement is a grass root movement set up by survivors of sexual abuse and violence for adult survivors of sexual abuse and violence.

The concept of The Walk of Survivors is to essentially create a Pride for survivors, to be proud of the survivor they are today, sending a message of empowerment, courage, strength, solidarity and all importantly survival.

Survivors understand the importance of changing how the general public look upon this as a stigmatised and taboo subject and feel its time to create a platform to speak out and encourage future generations to speak out sooner.

They seek the support of the whole community and ask that no one on the day makes assumptions of people’s individual survivor status. You do not have to identify as a survivor to attend but are asked to join other attendees in creating a safe and empowering place for a potentially triggering subject matter. Everyone is invited to participate.

Join the March at 12.30pm to END THE STIGMA and STOP THE SILENCE!