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Village MCC celebrates Women’s History Month

Besi Besemar March 4, 2017

The Village Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) will celebrate Women’s History Month during March with a different woman speaking from the pulpit each Sunday, for the next five weeks.

Sophie Cook
Sophie Cook

Kickstarting the series of talks is Sophie Cook, presenter and head of Latest LGBT+TV. Sophie is also the photographer for English rock band, The Libertines and premiership football team AFC Bournemouth.

Sophie has been receiving some rather unwelcome attention recently from Christian Voice, a nasty collection of Christians headed by a rather misguided man obsessed with all things LGBT+ called Stephen Green.

Sophie, who is also a motivational speaker will be talking at 6pm on Sunday, March 5.

Other speakers during the month will include:

♦ The author of One Spirit, Interfaith minister and teacher, Rev Felice Rhiannon (Sunday 12);

Rev Heather Leake Date (Sunday 19)
Rev Heather Leake Date (Sunday 19)

♦ Methodist Presbyter, HIV Chaplain, pharmacist and trustee of Lunch Positive and The Martin Fisher Foundation, Rev Heather Leake Date (Sunday 19);

♦ Lay Minister, Safeguarding officer with the Village MCC Senior leadership team and Emergency Responder Sarah Barber (Sunday 26); and

All events will take place at the Somerset Day Centre, 62 St James’s St, BN2 1PJ Brighton starting at 6pm on each Sunday.

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