Graham Robson January 5, 2016

MASS, the first in a series of short films by Sam Hendi and David Goldenberg, studies the masculinity of men and their attraction to other men.


The short explores the connections between men through body language and portraits attraction distilled into it’s most basic essence.

The staging is bare by design leaving the viewer to apply different backdrops to the characters and scenarios based on their own personal experience. The characters represent various demographics of the bear community.

The absence of voice intensifies the atmosphere leaving the viewer to create a story about how he identifies with the characters. Even though there are no explicit acts in the video, the atmosphere is overloaded with sexual anticipation.


MASS was originally created as a short film to be shown at the London bear scene club, BRÜT. The collaboration helped to define BRÜT’s visual identity while extracts from the video have been used to create promotional material for the club including trailers, stills for flyers and posters

The full length version of the video plays every night on giant projector screens in the club celebrating the uniqueness of BRÜT and the diversity of bear culture showing different ages, size and shape.

Models featured in the film include: Barry El Beardo; Christopher Cragg; David Goldenberg; Heath McIntyre; Louis Kwong; Paul Adams; Ross Jones; Sam Hendi.

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