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Twitter users flood #ProudBoys hashtag with images of #LGBTQ+ pride

October 5, 2020

LGBTQ+ twitter users are flooding the #ProudBoys hashtag on social media with images of LGBTQ+ pride, displacing posts made by neo-Nazis and white supremacists using the tag.

Proud Boys, a far-right group founded in 2016, calls itself a ‘white chauvinist’ organisation. The group was in the news after President Donald Trump failed to condemn them during the presidential debate last week, instead telling them to “stand back and stand by,” which many group members took as an endorsement. Trump later semi-denounced the group in a Fox News interview.

Since Saturday night, the #ProudBoys hashtag has been inundated with photos of gay men, ranging from pictures of couples to memes and videos of gay men dancing.

On Sunday, the Canadian Forces in the US account tweeted: If you wear our uniform, know what it means. If you’re thinking about wearing our uniform, know what it means. Love is love. Know what we mean?”