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Trailer of new reality show, showcasing a group of trans women, stirs up intense reactions among viewers

Graham Robson July 10, 2024

The trailer of a new reality show, showcasing a group of trans women, has stirred up intense reactions among viewers, particularly within the LGBTQ+ community, sparking calls for better representation.

The trailer of The Gworls Club, which takes place in a lavish Los Angeles mansion, depicts shocking scenes of physical altercations, with the women engaging in violent fights, pulling each other’s wigs off, and exchanging harsh insults.

The intensity escalates to the point where security guards have to step in to maintain order.

In one particularly contentious moment, two cast members challenge another, nicknamed ‘Mangina,’ questioning her identity as a transgender woman versus a drag queen, leading to heated arguments and divisive comments.

Many viewers expressed disappointment in the nature of the show, which not only features an all transgender cast, but is primarily made up of trans women of colour.

‘We need better for the culture. Can these ladies go visit a hospital and the hungry children?’ one fan asked.

‘I was hoping for a show a of beautiful trans women showcased as overcoming their struggles and coming out on top… this s**t is just ghetto fighting trash with no point of anything,’ another said.