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Gendered Intelligence releases statement on changes to gender neutral toilet provision

Graham Robson August 18, 2023

Gendered Intelligence has released a statement on changes to gender neutral provision which will, according to the government, “ensure provision of separate toilets for men and women and sets out guidance to encourage the provision of universal toilets, ensuring appropriate levels of privacy in all situations”.

The registered charity, that works to increase understandings of gender diversity and improve the lives of trans people, is asking people to take part in the government’s short consultation, which is open till October 8. To take part, CLICK HERE 

Statement from Gendered Intelligence 

The Minister for Equalities, Kemi Badenoch MP, has proposed a change to the law in England that would make separate men’s and women’s toilets mandatory in all new buildings (except houses), and in large refurbishments of buildings.

These changes are going ahead despite a government consultation finding that more than four in five respondents support gender-neutral toilets.

This ‘crackdown’ on gender-neutral toilets is part of the government’s ongoing attacks on the queer community – trans people in particular.

Gender-neutral toilets don’t cause problems. They provide a space where everyone can go to the loo without a fuss. They’re also not replacing separate facilities – men’s and women’s toilets are still being built and used alongside gender-neutrals.

We do need to talk about toilets though. Everyone deserves to be able to go to the loo in peace. There’s lots that the government could be doing better instead of attacking trans people.

Accessible toilet availability in the UK is shocking: out of 5 disabled people have avoided going out or using venues because of a lack of accessible toilets.

Period poverty is also getting worse year on year. Did you know that 1 in 5 young women haven’t been able to afford period products since 2022? For trans men there are even more barriers.

But the government isn’t building accessible public loos or funding free period products. They’re too busy targeting trans people. In fact, they’ve got a long track record of attacking small minorities to distract from their own failures.

What can you do?

Make your voice heard. The government has opened a short consultation until 8th October on how the changes to the law should be made. You can find the consultation and fill it out here. We’ll be issuing guidance in due course.

Stick together. These changes are intended to stir up anti-trans sentiment. If you’re a queer person worried about harassment, ask a friend to go to the loo with you. We’re stronger together.

Don’t be intimidated. This doesn’t change the law about which toilet you can use. Everybody can still use the loo that’s right for them. We’re not going anywhere – except to the bathroom.