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Trans man killed by police in US

Rachel Badham May 31, 2021

Haven A Bailey, a 25-year-old white trans man, was shot to death by police in Illinois, US, on May 24 after he was seen carrying a pellet gun which was mistaken for a pistol. According to the Daily Herald, police were responding to a 911 report that a man was walking around Villa Park with a gun. Officers arrived at the scene and subsequently shot Bailey four times after he refused to drop the pellet gun.

Bailey was taken to hospital but later pronounced dead, after which officers recovered a “black pellet gun made to look like a Sig Sauer 1911 pistol” from him. Bailey’s family said that he was struggling with alcohol addiction as well as bipolar and borderline personality disorder. They also confirmed that Bailey identified as transmasculine. 

An online obituary described Bailey as a dedicated, caring, and open friend, whose advice will be a treasured comfort to many”, adding: “Haven could light up any room, bring a smile to your face, and make you laugh. As a friend, you would always know Haven loved you for who you are, without any judgment or criticism.”