Tories condemn parking price hike at vacant Norton Road car park as foolish

Besi Besemar January 19, 2013

Adam Love & Cllr Andrew Wealls
Adam Love and Cllr Andrew Wealls

A plan by Brighton & Hove City Council to hike parking prices at little used Norton Road car park, opposite Hove Town Hall, has been condemned as “foolish and counter-productive” by local Conservatives.

The move to increase the cost of using the car park by up to one-third comes after a campaign run by Adam Love and Cllr Andrew Wealls to provide free parking in the car park.

Conservative candidate, Mr Love said:

“The car park should be there to help residents and provide space for visitors who are vital to local businesses, but it is currently vacant most of the time. This mad plan to hike prices will mean that even fewer people will use it. The Council’s own report admits this is happening already. Pricing people out won’t raise any more money – it is foolish, greedy and counter-productive.”   

Central Hove councillor Andrew Wealls added:

“This move shows the Green administration is completely out of touch with the concerns of residents and local business. The Council’s plan is a slap in the face to the hundreds who signed our petition and supported our calls for free parking.”

The proposal for the parking price hike came to light this week when plans were submitted to the Council’s Transport Committee to be finally approved as part of the Council’s Budget for the next financial year.

Two hours at the car park currently costs ÂŁ1.50, but if plans go ahead this will be increased by 33 per cent to ÂŁ2. Thereafter, each time will cost those who park 50p more than has previously been charged.

As part of the report, the Council admits that parking price increases have already seen fewer people parking across the city and revenue falling. Transactions have fallen by up to 59% on the seafront and 18% in zone N.