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Top ten most inclusive LGBT+ regions and industries revealed

Graham Robson July 9, 2019

Adzuna, a leading job search engine, reveals the top UK regions and industries that are most inclusive for the LGBT+ communities.

ACCORDING to the website’s latest figures, there has been a 20% increase in the number of positions that mention LGBT+ terms – either in the job title itself or within the role description.

This includes roles that actively support the LGBT+ communities or roles that promote LGBT+ inclusivity in the workforce.

Vacancies have increased from 3,301 to 4,121 year to date, showing a positive shift towards inclusivity and support for the LGBT+ communities.

When it comes to the number of LGBT+ friendly employers, London tops the list with 400+ vacancies, followed by the South East at 308, a number bolstered by vacancies in Sussex (168).

The number of roles currently live per region are:

Regions Number of LGBT+ vacancies
London 402
South East England 308
South West England 216
Eastern England 122
North West England 110
West Midlands 105
Scotland 68
Yorkshire and the Humber 70
East Midlands 38
North East 17

The roles include colleges and universities that are focused on liaison with LGBT+ students and partners.

Healthcare and Engineering industries have also seen notable increases in LGBT+ inclusive roles, with both industries making a conscious effort to increase equality, diversity and inclusion in the workforce.

Adzuna’s salary database also reveals that roles with LGBT+ in the title or description have an average salary of £35,926, which is 6% higher than the average national salary (£33,991).

The sectors with the highest volume of LGBT+ friendly roles are:

2018 LGBT+ vacancies 2019 LGBT+ vacancies 2019 salaries
UK TOTAL 3301 4121 £35,926
Healthcare & Nursing Jobs 775 1185 £36,730
Engineering Jobs 171 408 £37,608
Charity & Voluntary Jobs 379 216 £34,106
Social work Jobs 376 156 £30,734
Admin Jobs 112 134 £32,783
Trade & Construction Jobs 98 124 £34,000
Consultancy Jobs 64 120 £32,342
Accounting & Finance Jobs 62 70 £27,743
IT Jobs 112 65 £43,048
Legal Jobs 65 59 £32,954
Andrew Hunter
Andrew Hunter

Andrew Hunter, co-founder of Adzuna, said: “Discrimination against the LGBT+ community is still sadly alive in the UK, but the number of employers actively seeking or supporting employees from the LGBT+ community has increased notably, showing a welcome shift towards inclusivity and diversity in the workforce.

“A diverse workforce is a great opportunity for employers to find staff with a different set of experiences and perspectives and I hope to see this trend continue to grow year on year.”