Top artists support on-line charity auction

Besi Besemar August 25, 2012

Rodney Baldwin, the owner of the Green and Stone art store in the Kings Road, London has persuaded 85 of his clients to donate works to celebrate the businesses 85th birthday.

The artists include:

Ivan Lapper, Charles Neal, Dora Bertolutti Howard, Linda Sutton, James Parfitt, Molly Parkin, Hector McDonnell, Julia Brotherton, Emma Sergeant, Quentin Blake CBE, Adrian George, Ken Howard RA, Joyce Conwy Evans, Carolyn Gowdy, Bryan Wharton, Sarah Armstrong Jones, John Monks, ***image2***Barry Fantoni, Neisha Crossland, Marie Clare Kerr, Jenny Frean, Marina Cowdray,Olwyn Bowey RA, Hazel Soan, V J Keegan, Gemma Phipps, Michelle Cooper, Daniel Chatto, Morgan  Doyle, Victoria Achache, Zoobs The Artist, Olivia Stanton, Richard Foster, Mandy Hudson, Anthony Fry, Arabella Dorman, Phillida Gili, Manolo Blahni, Johnny Morant, Nigel Hall RA, Christopher Miers RBA, Diarmuid Kelley, Nicky Philipps.

Zoob the artist: God save the future Queen: Guide price £1,500

There is a pre-sale exhibition at:
The Study, 10A Blandford Street, London W1 from 8 to October 19.

Space has been kindly provided by Sheridan & Co.  Alternatively, work can be seen, by appointment, at Green and Stone, tel 0207 352 0837.


Bryan Wharton: Mick Jagger: Guide price £500

The on-line auction starts on October 15 and ends at 9.00pm on October 26 on: 
On-line auction

Post sale all successful bidders on the on-line auction will be invited to meet the artists on November 3 at the Chelsea Arts Club for drinks between 6.00 and 8.00pm.