The Ledward Centre announce first annual fundraising raffle to mark James Ledward┬┤s birthday

Chris Gull September 5, 2022

The Ledward Centre, the new LGBTQ+ Centre in Jubilee Street has announced that they will mark James Ledward┬┤s Birthday each year with a fundraising event.

Today, 5th September, James would have been 69, and as the inaugural fundraising event TLC have been working with Nick Ford (who took so many of GScene┬┤s cover images) to organise an online fundraising raffle (actually a text raffle).

As the prize Nick has chosen his favourite image of James, surrounded by “drag artistes” (as David Raven would have it) and produced a unique, one off, prize.

The image is produced on quality metallic finish art paper, without the watermark, 30 inches x 20 inches, and signed by the supporting artistes in the picture, and framed.

The raffle is open from now until midday on Tuesday 13th September, when the winner will be drawn, and informed.

Entry is by voluntary donation (so technically you can enter without donating…but come on! This is a good cause in memory of James!). Text JAMES to 70215, (or scan the QR code) and follow the instructions.

You will be asked how many entries you want, and you add ONE for a voluntary donation of ┬ú5, TWO for a voluntary donation of ┬ú10, or FOUR for a voluntary donation of ┬ú20 to the message (For instance for one entry the text message should read JAMES ONE)┬á (or you can text NODONATION if you┬┤re not going to donate but still want to enter). Then press send and you’re in! (Your thank you message will come from The Brighton Rainbow Fund, who are kindly organising the raffle, and donations will be ringfenced in their TLC Fund for The Ledward Centre to draw on)

SCAN the QR code or text JAMES to 70215

Those who donate £10 or more, and don´t win the prize, will receive the image as a postcard.