The Gay Word documentary now online

Graham Robson December 22, 2015

The Gay Word, a documentary about the recent trend of using the word ‘gay’ negatively to mean rubbish, uncool, or embarrassing, is now available to watch online for free after sold-out screenings across the UK.

WEB.600Self-produced and edited by Amy Ashenden, the film follows Amy as she travels around the south-east of England asking gay and straight people, young and old, why the use of the word ‘gay’ in this context makes certain people deeply offended and others less phased.

At Stonewall’s HQ in the city centre of London, Amy speaks to the largest gay rights organisation in Europe, which is campaigning against the word ‘gay’ being used negatively, and travels to meet the university academic who claims it’s harmless.

She also speaks to teachers, parents, a LGBT+ activist, a transgender male, and young people still in school to find out where the trend of saying “that’s so gay” negatively comes from, and if it should be stopped.


To watch the documentary and for more information, click here: