The decrease of gravity effect – today

April 1, 2020

The decrease of gravity

The British Astronomer General Nathaniel Bliss gave an announcement during an early morning interview on BBC Radio 4 that at precisely 9:47 AM today, a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event was going to occur.


This was that the planet of Uranus will pass behind Jupiter and this would then very briefly disrupt and lessen the Earth’s own gravity. The effects of this planetry conjunction have been known for some time but the strength of the effect was difficult to estimate. It was thought that only highly tuned instruments would be able to detect the faint gravitational effects rippling across the Solar System but new calculations emerged yesterday at California Technical Institute working with Googles Quantum computer showed the effect would be amplified enough to effect the mass (weight) ¬†of the average human being.
Professor Lia said that if people  jumped in the air at precisely 9.47am, they would be able to float for a very short period of time and experience the same effect.  #FloatlikeIssac is currently trending on Twitter and Instagram with people said to be preparing viral videos of themselves to prove the effect. Lady Gaga and Sir Elton John are both preparing to live stream the event from their home studios during the COVID19 restrictions.
The National Science Museum’s¬†Professor Lia said that this effect only happened once every 378 years and the last time Galileo the world famous astronomer and scientist and British mathematician Sir Issac Newton had experienced the effect, & were astonished by it.
Sir Issac Newton remarked in his famous journals that:
‘From how long it has taken me so far, in the Lord‚Äôs year of 1687. This way, every man who is able to read will have access to understanding the world and its secrets. Today in the conjunction of the spheres of orbit did I rise and not yet descend in good time to the boards of the floor. ¬†Upon ether did I stand. For a moment briefer than one whole minute did my mass evaporate and I half myself, as if a feather, between the ceiling and the chest, my toes beyond reach of the floor and my mind aswim with wonder, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.”
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