Sussex Beacon welcomes Day Service Users back

July 30, 2020

The Sussex Beacon, the Brighton-based charity specialising in care and support for people living with HIV in East and West Sussex, was delighted to welcome Day Service Users back to the Beacon on Wednesday, July 29.

The Sussex Beacon say: ‘It’s been a long time since many were able to visit and get treatment outside of the home. We marked the occasion with a socially-distanced picnic in the garden, provided by the kitchen.’

The Day Service is a weekly group offering a safe and confidential space to be with others living with HIV. If you are living with HIV, the Day Service works with you to enable you to confidentially manage your health and social needs. The group is the perfect opportunity to be with others living with HIV, in a confidential space, and to receive support targeted to your needs, specialist casework support for physical and emotional health, as well as information and support to access other services.

For more info on the Day Service, CLICK HERE.

For more info on the Sussex Beacon, visit their website.