Survey shows people like to live in Brighton & Hove

Besi Besemar January 1, 2013

A City Tracker survey has found that there is a high level of satisfaction with Brighton & Hove as a place to live, with nine out of ten participants either very or fairly satisfied. There is a higher level of satisfaction (93%) with the local area rather than Brighton and Hove as a whole. The level of satisfaction with the local area is higher than it is nationally (86%).

The survey was carried out on 1,000 residents citywide in September to find out what they think of Brighton and Hove as a place to live, and how satisfied they are with key services.

Key findings include:

•        A high level of satisfaction with Brighton and Hove, and the local area, as a place to live particularly amongst 25-34 year olds.

•        Road safety remains the greatest concern for people in the street where they live.

•         Net agree scores for Sussex Police, NHS Services and Brighton and Hove City Council have all improved in this wave. There remains a correlation between spending money wisely and overall satisfaction with services.

•         In this wave, the level of satisfaction with the local area is higher than it is nationally; 93% vs. 86%, respectively.

•         There are high levels of user satisfaction with the Fire and Rescue Service, Local charities and community groups, GPs and local chemists; more than nine in ten service users are satisfied.

•        With the exception of safety after dark, views for the survey are broadly consistent for both men and women.

•        76% of respondents feel a strong sense of belonging to their local area, whilst 90% agree that people from different backgrounds get on well together within the local area.

Roger French, OBE
Roger French, OBE

Roger French OBE DL, Chair, Brighton & Hove Strategic Partnership, said:

“The City Tracker has shown some fantastic results for satisfaction levels for our city as well as across the board for public services and is a testimony to the hard work people across all sectors of the city contributed to make this a great place to live.  It’s also pointed out key areas where we can make further improvements and the Brighton and Hove Strategic Partnership has a key role to play by helping the key partners to work together to achieve greater success.Whether it’s promoting enterprise and learning, encouraging sustainable transport, enhancing the environment or improving safety, health, well-being and housing as well as strengthening communities and involving people, none of these objectives can be achieved by working in isolation. Through the Strategic Partnership we can pool our skills, resources and commitment for the benefit of all.”