Stupid Boys Club – a new podcast from Alex Ryan, Jonesy and Toby Lawrence

June 9, 2020

Buckle up for Stupid Boys Club, a new podcast from three long-time friends, Alex Ryan, Jonesy (Steve) and Toby Lawrence, who haven’t quite figured out how to be adults.

Join these three ‘grown-ups’ as they discover the art of adulting and hark back to times when they really could have done a better job!

About Alex:

Alex is a marketer, DJ, pirate radio show host and all-round happy chap. Festivals, travelling and cooking are top of his ‘fun list’, but Fortnite, starting fires and playing in the forest are also key features of his existence.

About Jonesy:

Jonesy is a club promoter and lectures (higher education) on the subject of event management. He loves lists, spread sheets, drag queens and raving. Also, he’s a big fan of takeaways and a nice selection of dips.

About Toby:

Toby is a DJ, radio show host and occasional lecturer (DJ’ing, video editing). House music and clubbing are his go-to entertainment, but he also finds it hard to resist a Minecraft raid and a bag of crisps (on equal footing…)

Toby says: ‘So after talking about it for ages we’ve started a podcast! It’s about trying to navigate the difficult road of being an adult, with the first series all about Steve Jones’ military planning approach to puppy parenthood. Obvs not suitable for kids but have a listen if you fancy a laugh!’

For more info, and to tune in: