Streamline Taxis donate defibrillator

Besi Besemar April 9, 2016

Streamline Taxis donate a defibrillator to the New Steine and Gulliver Hotels as a thank you for their custom.

Pictured: Herve Guyet (left), John Streeter (centre back) and Dave Smith (far right)

Streamline Chair, Dave Smith┬áand Vice Chair John Streeter┬ápersonally delivered a top of the range┬ádefibrillator to Hervet Guyet┬áowner of New Steine and Gulliver’s Hotels in New Steine Gardens as a thank you for their custom over the last year.

Staff at the hotel will be trained to use the machine and other hotels in the area will be notified that the life saving piece of equipment is available for use 24 hours a day to help anyone suffering a heart attack.

A defibrillator delivers a therapeutic dose of electrical current during a heart attack and can buy many life saving minutes while they await the arrival of an ambulance.

Streamline Taxis are the largest taxi service south of the Thames employing 48 people in their offices. They have 360 cars in their fleet with 700 drivers.

Herve Guyet, said: “What a wonderful gesture for Streamline to donate this life saving piece of equipment to benefit everyone in the local community. At the New Steine Hotel we operate a 24 hour porters service so no matter what time the machine is needed it will be accessible at all times of the day and night.”