Start your week with Michael Rosen

Besi Besemar May 3, 2013

Michael Rosen
Michael Rosen

May Bank Holiday’s Start The Week on Radio 4 is to come from Brighton, in honour of the Brighton Festival.

Already recorded at the Dome Studio Theatre this week, it features Guest Director of the Festival Michael Rosen, artist Mariele Neudecker, writer Jay Griffiths, and Blast theory artist Matt Adams.

Rosen will be talking about how the 1920s Weimar children’s novel, Emil and the Detectives, is at the heart of the festival, while Neudecker discusses how she has brought the outside world inside in her Regency Town House Festival piece.

Griffiths will cause sparks when talking about her latest book Kith: The Riddle of the Childscape and her thesis that the rise of CCTV in the UK exactly mirrors the rise of the hoodie.

Lastly, Blast Theory’s Adams talks of their latest piece, Fixing Point, which involves an electronically guided walk through Stanmer Woods.

Catch Start The Week on Bank Holiday Monday, May 6 on Radio 4 at 9am.