‘Stand Tall – Get Snapped’

Besi Besemar February 12, 2014

Sussex Beacon hosts a photo exhibition at the Dome featuring portraits of 27 HIV positive men and women.

‘Stand Tall - Get Snapped’

Edo Zollo created Stand Tall, Get Snapped following his experience of taking PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) after exposure to the HIV virus, after impulsive unprotected sex with a partner who knew they were HIV positive. The medication had severe and very unpleasant side effects. This brought on intense feelings and speculation on his part as to what it must be like to actually have a positive HIV diagnosis.

‘Stand Tall - Get Snapped’

Edo said: “As a direct result I was determined to undertake this project to expose the widely held misconception that HIV is largely restricted to gay men and people of black African origin. In addition to afford affected individuals a unique opportunity to share their experiences and have their positive status recognised in a very public way by being included in a photographic exhibition.”

‘Stand Tall - Get Snapped’

To view the trailor of the exhibition, CLICK HERE:

‘Stand Tall - Get Snapped’

The Sussex Beacon is a Brighton based HIV care centre where staff work to improve health, reduce stigma and prevent premature death.

The Beacon is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and supports men, women and families affected by HIV.

Their 10 bed Inpatient Unit helps people recovering from serious HIV related illnesses, initiating new drug therapies or struggling with some of the extreme side effects of anti-retroviral drug regimes and provide emotional and health support along with physiotherapy and occupational therapy. They also offer end of life care.

‘Stand Tall - Get Snapped’

What: Photo exhibition: Stand Tall – Get Snapped

Where: Founders Room, Brighton Dome, Church Street, Brighton

When: Monday, February 24 – Saturday, March 8