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St James Street AGM

Besi Besemar March 30, 2014

Following a stormy EGM in February which resulted in the election of a new chair, the St James’ Community Action Group AGM on Wednesday March 26 was a more civilised affair.

St James Community Action Group

Officers elected at the EGM in February were reconfirmed to serve till the next AGM in 2015 just before the 2015 local elections.

There were updates from the Police, Shared Space and Cleaning and Greening committees. Full details will be available in the minutes of the AGM which organisers promise will be posted as soon as they are available.

It was agreed that the key priorities for the year ahead would remain as before, Policing, Shared Space, Cleaning and Greening but with a social element being introduced to “bring the community together” as well as creating opportunities to raise funds through social events.

Organisers would welcome other volunteers and ideas on making the community a more pleasant one to live and work in.

An  amended Constitution was adopted and approved and will be posted on the website in due course. Organisers say they hope this will “make the organisation more transparent and accountable than in the past.”

An update on new contact email addresses will be communicated soon to enable open and direct communication with all of the elected officers and it is intended to use the Facebook page as an informative community social media tool.

Simon Kirby, MPSimon Kirby, MP for Kemptown and Peacehaven was unable to attend the meeting. He sent the following message:

“I am sorry I am not able to be with you this evening as I have to be in Westminster.

“I wanted to send you a message of support and thanks for all the work that the St James’s Street Community Action Group does to make sure that the area remains attractive for residents, businesses and visitors alike.

“I believe St James’s Street has a unique place in the heart of Brighton and Hove and that its mix of amenities and the character of the people who live there adds to the vibrancy of Brighton and Hove.

“As you may recall, I surveyed the area in connection with the possible pedestrianisation of the street. The majority of residents and businesses that replied were in favour of some form of pedestrianisation and I have subsequently called for a trial period to see what the impact will be.

“In addition, it was very clear from the responses I receive that many local people share my belief that the City Council needs to invest more in the St James’s Street area to improve this important part of the City, for instance by repainting railings and improving the look and feel of the place. I am running a campaign on this issue and I am, today, launching a petition calling on the City Council to invest in our area.

“I have provided some petition sheets with this message and please do take a moment to add your name if this is something you agree with.  I will then present the petition to the City Council in due course.

“Recently I was very proud to accompany the Home Secretary to see the effectiveness of community safety around the LGBT community and also to pay her respects at the aids memorial. I also brought the Cabinet Office Minister to the area to promote local shops and to see what a special part of the city this area is, and to show the potential for how great it could be.

“I am always happy to take up local issues on behalf of all my constituents and I look forward to receiving a report on tonight’s meeting. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. Please keep in touch and please keep up your excellent work!

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