University offering funded residency for LGBTQ+ ‘Activist’

Gscene Editorial Team February 14, 2020

University offering funded residency

The University of Brighton is inviting applications for ‘Activist in Residence’ to work on issues around gender and sexuality.

The funded residency, for one to two months, is aimed at fostering connections and exchanges between academic and non-academic activists.

Dr Olu Jenzen, Director of the University’s Research Centre for Transforming Sexuality and Gender, said: “Applicants don’t need any academic background or training, just a desire to develop and share activist knowledges around gender and sexuality.”

The residency will provide access to University work space, media equipment, art practice facilities, lectures, libraries,  and administrative support.

The Activist in Residence, working with the University’s Radical Futures platform, will receive a budget of £2,000 to spend on new or existing activist projects/activities, travel, accommodation, living expenses, and other desired resources to support their residency.

Dr Jenzen said: “The Activist in Residence will use the University’s resources to develop their activist thinking, work, or projects, and to contribute to the University’s intellectual and political culture.”

For more information and details on how to apply, click here.