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Trans Can Sport Online

Rory Finn April 4, 2020

Trans Can Sport Online


These unprecedented times are forcing changes to the way we live, some of which we’ve perhaps been resistant to making. We’ve known for ages that you can do a good workout when you’re home and without no equipment, but how many of us actually do it? How many of us can be bothered?! In an age where gyms are inexpensive and accessible to anyone living in the city, we tend to overlook the simplicity of exercise at home. So what better time to try something different than now, whilst living under lockdown.

Our first session of online Trans Can Sport happened under the auspices of Trans Day of Visibility, no less. Our first workout since we had to cancel our regular schedule of activities due to the growing threat of the virus. Trans Can Core is a thirty minute circuit session focusing on your core and abs with some gentle stretching to complete the workout.

Led by Liz Ridgeway, a local trans personal trainer, who like many of us, was forced to stop working when her gym was told to close its doors. Liz adapted her regular kind of core workout to suit the needs of our housebound participants. Guiding us through more than twenty exercises to ensure we got a good all round workout, which was suitable for all abilities. Using Zoom, the video conferencing platform, we can watch Liz demonstrate the exercises, whilst also being able to see ourselves and communicate to each other. Better still, for those that are feeling self-conscious there is the option to not only mute their own mic, but also switch off their video so they don’t have to be seen.

We’re really excited that we’ve been able to continue delivering Trans Can Sport to trans and non-binary people in Brighton and Hove. Getting our bodies moving is so important not just for maintaining good physical health and boosting our immune systems, but also for reducing isolation. For some of us this lockdown is being keenly felt by those who live alone. People enjoy doing activities together and not necessarily having to engage in social chit chat, which can feel quite intense especially over video chat. Our sessions, just like our offline ones, are all about getting our heart rates up and feeling good, so you don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.

We continue with Trans Can Core throughout April, plus we will also have a running Q&A with coach George and a nutrition workshop with personal trainer Nikias.

Trans Can Sport is funded by the Rainbow Fund. You can find out more about our online sessions here

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Our online workouts take place on the platform Zoom.

Those not registered with Trans Can Sport will be required to fill out a health questionnaire before booking is confirmed.