SPORT: Fitter Confident Me

Craig Hanlon-Smith January 8, 2019

Matt Boyles
Matt Boyles

New Year’s resolutions are easy to make and easy to break. Fitter Confident You is a great way to start and to stay focused by Craig Hanlon-Smith.

SPORTING myth has it that the game of rugby was invented by someone picking up a football mid-game and running with it. For years I was convinced that guy was a disgruntled school-age homosexual, who one wet Wednesday afternoon thought “f*** this, I’m off” and just legged it the heck outta there.
As a young man through my teens and into my early 20s I had zero interest in any form of physical exercise. School had driven out any hope of enjoyment with shouts of “kick him” during the hated football practice, and that from the teachers. ‘Craig tolerates PE without any need to exert himself’ read my school report. The only exercise related to my schooling physical activity was nightly angry teenage masturbation thinking about the staff.
My current regime couldn’t be more different. I look forward to exercise, eat sensibly but don’t purge and love every minute of the exercise I take part in whether at home or in the gym. The reason? Eventually I met the right people who inspired me to want to make a difference to my long-term health. Who showed me exercises that worked, made a difference, and quickly.
Over the years I’ve worked with a couple of ropey trainers and a couple of amazing ones. Most recently with online Gay Fitness Guru – Matt Boyles and his Fitter Confident You programme. What I’ve loved about this is the positive reinforcement which is much more about confidence and personal achievement as it is weight loss or muscle-building.
The recommendation came to me independently from two gay men I knew, both who had turned their fitness around in an initial six-week programme. Making a personal difference. I signed up for an eight-week muscle grow group and noticed a significant difference in four. There are a range of options depending upon your goals and all affordable. I have really appreciated the Facebook group chats with others taking part in the same programme, posting photos, videos and both exercise and recipe tips. Community at its supportive best. Matt at the centre of it all with his three times a week positive online live chats but also personal motivational words of wisdom and individualised programmes.
Search Facebook for Fitter Confident You
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Or contact Craig @craigscontinuum for details on the programme he took part in.