Scuba diving in Brighton & Hove

Besi Besemar February 23, 2013


Brighton Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) Branch 007 was established in 1954. It is based at Shoreham yacht club where they have a boat moored. They have good parking, storage, changing facilities, their own compressor, Nitrox blending and a bar and restaurant. They are not a dedicated LGBT organisation but have gay members, are gay friendly and want to increase their gay membership.

From the very first time you breathe underwater, scuba diving will continue to inspire, challenge and surprise you. Many divers say that the experience is life-changing and, with the sense of achievement that comes with learning to dive, it is easy to see why.

Scuba diving will appeal to anyone who is reasonably fit and with a spirit of adventure. With the right training and support, it is also easy and fun to learn and BSAC diving qualifications are recognised around the world.

With 70% of the planet covered in water, there is so much for a diver to see, experience and explore. Add to that the wide range of diving – wrecks, marine life, photography, conservation, underwater archaeology, exploration, deep and technical diving – and the opportunities for sport and fitness are endless.

Six months ago the Brighton branch of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) Branch 007, made an application to Sport England for funding to help them buy new scuba diving kit, to enable the club to offer ‘Try Dives’ at just £15 a session and BSAC scuba diving training courses to members of the local community. Sports England recognised their ability to deliver and grant funded their activities.

The club aims to increase their membership and get more people out diving local waters. Sussex has some fantastic diving with shipwrecks and reefs to explore. Four members of the club have recently trained as SeaSearch Observers to report back their observations of underwater life to the Marine Conservation Society. They hope to continue with further training with the help of their Sports England grant.

BSAC Branch 007 particularly wants to attract younger members to the club who will be supported by the extensive experience their current members have. They want the club to expand and grow, and give new divers this opportunity to explore the underwater world.

Training officer Karl Thomas, said:

“This is a great opportunity for us to encourage new people of all ages and backgrounds into the sport. The Sport England grant enables us to provide new up to date equipment for trainees to use, which opens up diving to a wide group of people to experience.

“The club consists of a very active and enthusiastic group of experienced divers and qualified instructors who can provide a safe environment for novices to learn in. They are always looking for new ways to advance their interests from surveys of marine life on the abundance of wrecks off our
coast, to underwater photography, which is a great skill to develop. Training is given in all these areas.

As a group BSAC Branch 007 plan diving trips at home and abroad. Learning to dive in the UK with them gives you an internationally recognised certificate. Some of their members have even taken diving up as a career with opportunities from marine conservation to industrial diving.

For more information click here:
Diving officer Christine on 07855  076018
Training officer Karl on 07711 431491

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