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Join the Tribe – get fit in 2019!

Besi Besemar December 22, 2018

Vida Active Club is a community of instructors doing what they love, with love!

EACH instructor has their own strength and speciality, be it dance or boxing, Pilates or high intensity training or anything in between. However, what they all have in common is the passion for fitness and wellbeing and for the people they teach. Vida Active are a cooperative of instructors working for themselves and supporting each other!

The members are always at the forefront of what the instructors do. They influence what classes they teach, the locations, the times, and very often what music is played. They are also a community who look forward to meeting at their regular classes for a catch-up, and many also meet up outside of classes socially. Many friendships have been created over the years at Vida Active (formerly QuickFit for women).

In January 2019, the regular instructors: Cleria Humphries, Paula Marten, Helene Evans, Karen Crumpton, Sarah Kearney, Janie Fox and Kerry Gozzet will carry on doing what they do best and also building on it.

On top of this they will be welcoming the formidable Marta Scott, the amazing Tess Wilson and the beautiful Silvia Kocaiova!

So get fit while having fun and supporting these fantastic women!  Unlimited classes cost just £19.99 a month or £5 per session.

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