Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer calls for ban on trans athletes competing in female-only events

Graham Robson April 17, 2024

Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer has called for trans athletes to be banned from competing in female-only events, writing that sports’ governing bodies needed to set out an “unambiguous position” on the issue, amid rows over trans athletes participating in female-only events.

Frazer wrote: “In competitive sport, biology matters. And where male strength, size and body shape gives athletes an indisputable edge, this should not be ignored.

“By protecting the female category, they can keep women’s competitive sport safe and fair and keep the dream alive for the young girls who dream of one day being elite sportswomen.

“We must get back to giving women a level playing field to compete. We need to give women a sporting chance.”

While cricket and footballing authorities have not yet passed a ban, cycling, swimming, rowing and athletics have put rules in place to prevent trans athletes participating in female-only competitions.

Earlier this year, US swimmer Lia Thomas gained global recognition by becoming the first transgender athlete to win a college title, but has not competed since 2022 when World Aquatics introduced new rules in 2022 prohibiting anyone who has undergone male puberty from competing in women’s events. Thomas is now taking legal action to compete at the top level once more.