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Chorus chairman sets sail for Rio Olympics

Graham Robson June 24, 2016

There’s a golden summer ahead for the new chairman of Actually Gay Men’s Chorus, Alan Baser.

Alan Baser
Alan Baser

Rio bound and with the challenge of making dreams come true, for this summer’s sailing heroes at the 31st Olympic games, Alan has the task of taking medal influencing decisions whilst being watched by sailing enthusiasts around the globe.

Alan is looking forward to taking his place on the international jury, one of only 2 International Technical Officials from the UK and 28 worldwide, judging the world’s sailing elite in the 10 disciplines of Olympic sailing and windsurfing.

The Olympics is the absolute pinnacle event for the sport of sailboat racing, so having been Chairman of the Royal Yachting Association’s Judging and Umpiring Committee leading up to London 2012, where Alan was a National Technical Official working with the International Jury, he also acted as chief umpire at the Sailing World Cup last year in Abu Dhabi, to now be selected onto this Jury states that World Sailing has judged him to be one of the absolute top-level International Judges in the World.

Alan said: “It is an absolute honour to have been selected for the International Jury, I have been working hard for this for the past 10 years, work which will continue in preparation and during the event. It’s essential that I get it right as the decisions we make can mean the difference between a gold medal or none at all.”

Brazil’s iconic Christ the Redeemer and Sugar Loaf Mountain will be the backdrop to the sailing this summer which will take place from Marina Da Gloria with racing in the open ocean and Guanabara Bay.