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Calling all citizens of European countries settled in Sussex

Gscene Editorial Team March 9, 2020

Calling all citizens of European countries settled in Sussex

Did you come to the UK for work,  stay on after studying at Sussex University,  followed your heart for Love in Brighton & Hove, moved to the city for it’s reputation as a leading LGBTQ+ place or just fancied some queer regency Britishness in your life? Did you move to escape a less welcoming or inclusive society,  have you worked to change UK society for the better?  Were you temped by the Sussex Countryside to settle, or simply adore the pebbles on the beach?  We all have very different reasons for living and working in Brighton & Hove, we’d like to hear from you.

If you are LGBTQ+ from another European country, living in Britain and you’d like to share your thoughts on how you expect Brexit to affect you, we’d like to hear them. What is your understanding of how leaving the European might impact on your rights, relationships, income, living conditions, family, businesses, health, opportunities etc?

What are your hopes or concerns about how this new situation will affect you when the UK leaves the EU in December 2020?

If you’d be interested in adding your opinions, thoughts or experiences to inform the Gscene readers then please contact  and one of our editorial team will get in touch with you.

Over the coming months Gscene will be running a series of articles about how Brexit will affect our relationships with Europe from an LGBTQ+ perspective, we would like you to help inform them.