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South Africa, India and Colombia featured in IGLTA’s new LGBTQ+ Travel Guides

Graham Robson February 8, 2020

The International LGBTQ+ Travel Association (IGLTA) has published a series of free online LGBTQ+ travel guides, including South Africa, India and Colombia, to help travellers stay informed and safe during their trips.

The 26 country guides, which expand the online resources IGLTA offers LGBTQ+ travellers and the travel industry at large, reflect IGLTA’s diverse global membership and include destinations with progressive LGBTQ+ legislation and protections such as Iceland and the Netherlands as well as destinations where LGBTQ+ acceptance is not as widespread.


For all its rewards, travel presents additional challenges for the LGBTQ+ community given the wide variations in acceptance and laws around the globe.

More than 70 countries have anti-LGBTQ+ laws so it’s particularly important for LGBTQ+ travellers—and the travel advisors who are assisting them—to be properly informed and do additional research when planning a trip.


The IGLTA guides combine information on when to visit and destination highlights with LGBTQ+ safety considerations and travel tips.
John Tanzella, IGLTA President/CEO, said: “Since its founding in 1983, IGLTA has been a resource for travellers looking to find LGBTQ+ welcoming businesses around the world.

“We’ve now taken it a step further by working with our LGBTQ+ media members to create guides that will help LGBTQ+ travellers to ensure their travel experiences are not only enjoyable but also LGBTQ+ welcoming and safe.”

Additional guides will be added throughout the year. For more information, and to view the guides click here.