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Skillsfirst launch LGBTQ+ Awareness Workplace qualifications

Gscene Editorial Team December 14, 2019

Skillsfirst Awards, a leading awarding organisation, has announced the launch of the UK’s first innovative qualifications that promote positive interaction with LGBTQ+ people in the workplace.

The first qualification Skillsfirst Awards has launched is the Level 2 Certificate in LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the Workplace, designed to increase awareness of LGBTQ+ history and culture and the organisational policies and legislation affecting LGBTQ+ people in the workplace.

This qualification also explores the impact of language, stereotyping and assumptions relating to LGBTQ+ people and considers how learners can best contribute to maintaining a supportive workplace environment for LGBTQ+ people.

The qualification, which has been developed by an expert reference group, is regulated by Ofqual and can be applied to people working in all employment sectors, where it will support their personal and career development.


Mark Child, Head of Assessment at Skillsfirst, said: “The support and interest from the LGBTQ+ community and beyond has been incredible. More than 120 people volunteered their time to help us develop the qualifications and I would like to thank them for lending their time and expertise. I feel we have developed a qualification that will have a positive impact on workplaces across the UK, promoting inclusivity and supporting people who identify as LGBT”. 

Skillsfirst is now working on additional LGBTQ+ qualifications for the Care and Schools sector, as new regulations for teaching relationships and sex education come into force in September 2020.

Skillsfirst is supporting the qualification with e-workbooks and videos and will be hosting workshops to help train delivery staff. They also plan to have a number of training provider partners who they can signpost employers to, should they need support with the delivery of the qualifications.

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