Simon Kirby MP accuses Labour of hypocrisy

Besi Besemar August 25, 2012

Simon Kirby, MP for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven, has issued a statement stating that the reaction of the Labour Party to these recent developments show the hypocrisy of that Party.

Simon Kirby, MP

Simon said:

“School playing fields, under the Coalition Government, are only ever sold off, if the school is closed, has merged, or if equal or better facilities are being put in their place. Under the last Labour Government however, 200 school playing fields were sold and a senior Labour politician has said that playing fields have to be sold to improve sporting facilities! Labour’s attacks ring very hollow in the light of their own record and the rigorous safeguards put in place by the Coalition Government.”

Simon continued:

“On the NHS selling its expertise overseas, Labour calls this ‘rampant commercialisation’. Yet, it was the previous Labour Government that created the organisation, NHS Global, to disseminate NHS expertise abroad. The reality is, the profits made on NHS’ overseas operations will be ploughed back into NHS services in the UK and support patient care.”

He added:
“The reality is the Labour Party are wildly attacking the Coalition Government because they have no vision for the country. The Coalition is seeking to get the deficit under control, reform welfare and ensure a tougher stance on the EU and immigration. Labour’s sideline sniping is irrelevant to the real national agenda.”

Responding Gill Mitchell, leader of the Labour and Cooperative group on Brighton & Hove Council said:

Cllr Gill Mitchell

“Simon Kirby seems to be in a state of denial and desperation. He must know that David Cameron and Michael Gove have just had to apologise after it emerged that they misled the public over the numbers of school playing fields sold off by the Coalition Government so we won’t be taking any lectures from the Tories on that subject.

“On the NHS, Mr Kirby seems to be conveniently forgetting that the biggest, top-down NHS reorganisation currently being forced through is costing the public billions while around 5,000 nursing jobs are scrapped, waiting lists are rising and wards moth-balled.  The Tories cannot be trusted with the NHS.”