Share your travel recommendations & experiences.

Gscene Editorial Team March 2, 2020

Share your travel recommendations & experiences with Gscene.

Been trekking in Thailand, cruising in Catalonia, surfing in Sydney, dancing in Dundee, canal boating in Llangothlin or glamping in Galway?

Wherever you’ve taken a holiday – at home or overseas – why not share your LGBTQ slant on the area?

The bars you found, restaurants you loved, culture and entertainment you’d recommend, local or hidden LGBTQ+ highlights or places of interest to others, or something that is over-hyped or to be avoided.

If you’d like to share your experiences with fellow Gscene readers on our website, we’d love you to. Gscene is planning a series of travel articles from a range of people giving insights into how out diverse LGBTQ+ communities travel today, where we go, what we like, how we are welcomed and what memories we bring home.

If you’d like to be part of this series then please send your 400-500 word articles as a Word document, along with up to four JPEG photos, to  Subject  line –  LGBTQ Travel experience.

The Gscene team will offer support in terms of editing your story and preparing it for online publishing, and of course we will credit you with your byline.