Scene from the Sofa – Five Minutes with… Davina Sparkle

Graham Robson April 8, 2020

The outrageous Davina Sparkle is one of the UK’s best stand up drag queens with many years’ experience bringing adult humour, glitter, patter and song to venues in Brighton and further afield. Here, she shares with Graham Robson what she’s been up to and how to keep your spirits up.

Catch Davina performing live on her Facebook this Thursday, April 9 at 7pm, finishing in time for the NHS clap!

Hey Davina, what have you been up to?

I’ve basically been cleaning everything so it can sparkle lol, I usually have a very talkative cleaner but she’s obviously not doing her thing at the moment!

I’ve been busy sorting some junk draws out, rearranging cupboards and storage – I have 104 drag outfits, yep 104, it’s amazing the stuff you collect over the years! I’m thinking of having a ‘frock sale’ when all this is over… and when it is we can organise some big big cabaret days in the venues all over town!

Have you been doing much online?

I’ve not done any online performances as so many of my colleagues are… Do you think I should??

What do you miss the most while in lockdown?

More than ever we need our bars pubs and clubs and I know the LGBTQ+ scene will not let us down, the gays always instinctively rally round in troubled times.

I’ve missed the gossip, the bitching, the hugging and the laughs, we know how to have a good time and the scene feeds me, it renews me and keeps me insanely sane! Brighton’s scene is the best in the world, I truly believe that. Until we all meet again, we need to keep our knobs clean, our knockers polished, and of course our laughter going … it’s what we do.

We’re going to really miss Brighton & Hove Pride…

It’s such a shame! We will have to get together and organise maybe each bar doing mini Pride days, or something similar…

As times are tough, so only if you can, why not donate your Pride ticket money (now it’s postponed) to the local charities that really need your help at this time, further details will be on

This will really help… Let’s lead the way, if you can afford it.

Any words of wisdom to help us through?

I hate to say it but stay safe, stay indoors and wash your hands!

Catch Davina performing live on her Facebook this Thursday, April 9 at 7pm, finishing in time for the NHS clap!

Learn more about Davina here