Sapphic adventure in a time of revolution

September 2, 2021

Released on September 15 is new lesbian fiction novel, Liberty, by Jay Taverner, the pseudonym for co-authors Jane Traies and Jacky Bratton, who were interviewed on  Wednesday evening on the BBC on Kathy Caton’s BBC Radio Sussex show (listen afterwards here)

The book begins in 1789 – when Rebecca ‘Jude’ Wiston breaks from her puritanical family in Salem, Massachusetts, she little knows the passions and dangers that await her.

Embarking on a mission to claim her inheritance, she is swept across oceans, from shipwreck to salvation – and transformed from Quaker girl to sailor boy. Jude’s ship docks in Bordeaux as revolution is brewing.

Caught up in the fervour, beautiful aristocrat Annette is drawn to the young sailor. But how can they build a life together, when family and society are so set against them?

Taverner’s four novels stretch across space and time, but all have a connection to Brynsquilver, an ancient cottage in the Shropshire countryside, close to the Welsh border. They combine immersive settings, sapphic romance and thrilling adventure.

More info or to preorder see the publishers website here