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Rita Hirani appointed as new CEO of MindOut

Graham Robson May 11, 2022

Rita Hirani has been appointed as the new CEO of LGBTQ+ mental health charity, MindOut. Rita will build on the foundations laid by and fantastic work done by founder Helen Jones and the MindOut team so far. Rita plans to develop, diversify and strengthen the charity as it moves into a post-Covid era.

Rita, a social entrepreneur and trainer, with 35+ years of experience in the voluntary sector, has pioneered innovative projects for marginalised communities in the field of domestic violence and abuse, community services, and helplines.

Rita, who uses the pronouns she/her, says: “I’m excited by this unique opportunity to lead the next phase of MindOut’s growth. Emily, our interim CEO, has been vital in anchoring the organisation during a period of change. The mental health needs of LGBTQ+ people are specific, respected and understood by the fantastic and committed team at MindOut. I look forward to developing this work which supports the wellbeing of our communities and ultimately saves lives.”

Simon Fillery, Chair of the Trustee Board, added: “I am excited to welcome Rita Hirani as our new CEO. Rita brings a wealth of experience that will help us build on all the great work that has been done to date. I look forward to partnering with her, so that we can continue to build our support for the mental health of all LGBTQ+ communities across the UK and beyond.”

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