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Reserve a limited-edition copy of January 2021 Scene magazine

Graham Robson January 8, 2021

Your chance to reserve a personalised, limited-edition copy of January 2021 Scene magazine

The magazine has been ‘online only’ since the first lockdown, and we still don´t have any clarity on when we will be back in print. The online edition is free, and in fact our readership has increased.

To mark our new name and the first issue as Scene magazine, you have the chance to order one of 100 limited-edition, personalised copies, which will be sent to your address (we can´t promise a plain brown envelope).

Together with the 50 pages of news, features, comments and opinion there will be two extra pages dedicated and personalised to you. On this page you will be named and thanked for your donation, just you, not a list of other donors, just you, together with your limited-edition number. Your copy will be totally unique.

Scene Magazine CIC (the name change is currently being registered with Companies House and the Registrar of Community Interest Companies) is a not for profit social enterprise.

The limited-edition numbers will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, We will be asking for a minimum donation of £10 to reserve your unique copy.

Please write to us to reserve your copy before Friday, January 22 at (and yes we will be changing the domain name too in the next few months). We´ll let you know how you can donate and get your details for dispatching your copy.