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Record numbers attend Lunch Positive Christmas Lunch

Besi Besemar December 29, 2016

Lunch Positive volunteer chefs

Lunch Positive the HIV lunch club attracted 90 service users, their entire team of 26 volunteers, trustees, supporters and friends of the charity to their Christmas Lunch on Friday, December 16 at Dorset Gardens Methodist Church.

Volunteers and helpers donated over 250 hours of their time preparing and delivering the four course lunch.

A raffle was held which raised £373.60 covering the cost of the lunch and a fantastic range of prizes were donated by local LGBT+ and HIV supportive businesses and the members themselves.

Gary Pargeter

Service Manager, Gary Pargeter, said: “Our Christmas Lunch was a wonderful event and a true reflection of all that Lunch Positive aims to do. Volunteers, members, friends and supporters worked alongside each other to bring together the whole event. They prepared a fantastic healthy Christmas meal, and everyone spent meaningful and enjoyable time together as a supportive community.

We heard so many moving accounts of what the lunch club means to people, how being with others with HIV makes a valuable difference, helps people to feel supported and more able to live more confidently with HIV.

Thank you everyone for taking part, supporting each other and the lunch club all year round.”

Following the lunch the doors of the food bank larder were opened so members could take food away and benefit from the food stocks and eat healthily at home over the Christmas period.

Lunch Positive will be open as usual tomorrow, Friday December 30 for its last lunch club of 2016.

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