Rainbow Tesco: Artists needed to paint Tesco hoardings for Pride

Besi Besemar July 27, 2014

With Pride weekend literally days away, LGBTQ artists are urgently needed to paint ‘rainbow murals’ on the hoardings surrounding the Tesco and Superdrug stores on the corner of Dorset Gardens and St. James St.

Gay Village Party

A mural was painted on one side of the Tesco store for the Village Street Party in 2012 (still in situ behind the scaffolding) and this year the plan is to build upon this with an impressive piece of celebratory art for the Pride weekend painted on the hoardings at the front of the store in St James Street.

After extensive discussions with the Head Offices of Tesco, Hyde Housing (project manager) and Bouygues UK (contractor), local activist Chris Cooke has secured permission from all parties for some new murals to be painted.

Artists needed to paint Tesco in St James' Street in Rainbow Colours
Artists needed to paint Tesco in St James’ Street in Rainbow Colours

Chris said: “I’m delighted we’ve been given permission to add murals to this high profile site right at the centre of the Village Street Party. What I’ve agreed is that all the murals will be based on the rainbow flag theme and colours, taking inspiration from the previous mural which was very well received by the LGBT community a couple of years ago.

“There’s a fair bit of hoarding to cover, so I really need several artists (and paint suppliers!) to offer their services asap.”

James Ledward, editor of Gscene, added:  “What a unique opportunity for community activists and the corporate sector to work together to make St James Street a more colourful place over Pride Weekend. Well done to everyone involved.”

Time is of the essence so if you would like to get involved then EMAIL: