Rainbow Fund to help fund community advocacy service for Victims of Hate Crime

Besi Besemar November 30, 2012

The Rainbow Fund have awarded the LGBT Community Safety Forum seed funding to establish an advocacy service to support the victims of Hate Crime who feel the criminal justice system has not delivered for them. Discussions are progressing for the service to be located within a legal practice and it is hoped to have the service up and running within three months.

Paul Elgood, Chair of Rainbow Fund

Paul Elgood, chair of the Rainbow Fund said:

“The grants panel wanted to ensure the maximum community impact for the money donated. We are pleased to be supporting the Community Safety Forum in their work tackling what has become the leading current issue for our community.”

Michael Deol, owner of Revenge and Director of Pride said:

“We are delighted to link up with our charity partners, the Rainbow Fund, to ensure the maximum charitable benefit from Pride for the city’s LGBT and HIV communities.

“We are particularly keen to see money targeted to tackle community safety issues, following the worrying increase in attacks in the St James’s Street area. We hope that this investment will help to turn the tide on this issue.”


The LGBT Community Safety Forum is an elected community  forum whose functions are defined in the 1998 Crime and Disorder Act. The forum is intended to be a consultative mechanism between both the police and council to consult with the LGBT community on issues relating to community safety and Hate Crime.

Billie Lewis, Vice Chair of the Forum said:

“The voice of the victims continue not to be heard. We hope this professionally administered service will encourage all victims of Hate Crime to gain confidence to report to the police and speak out if the system does not serve them well.”